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About Savon Du Bois Natural Skin Care Products

Savon Du Bois’ line of environmentally friendly, all-natural skin care products are a very real reflection of proprietor Anne Du Bois' values and social conscience.

  • I love experimenting and discovering new oils, herbs and scent combinations, and harnessing their benefits for the skin and body in my products. It's my mission to formulate the very best skin and body care products, with the highest-quality ingredients, to create something that your skin will really love.
    - Anne du Bois, Proprietor

Anne Du Bois, Savon Du Bois Owner

Anne's Journey from Earth to Body

Anne is a soap maker of 18 years, entrepreneur, certified Clinical Aromatherapist, coffee roaster, gardener, cook, and painter.

In 2001, she was introduced to soap making by a good friend, when she was looking for a way to provide her family with the best, cleanest skin care products possible. She was immediately hooked, and has been creating her soaps, as well as a fast-growing range of body products, ever since.

After much encouragement from family and friends, Anne started her business in 2009, making goat's milk soaps in her basement.

The business grew very quickly and organically, and within several years she opened her own retail store, and Savon Du Bois Body Boutique was born.

Anne's mission is to harness all the benefits that the oils, herbs, goat's milk, butters she uses to formulate the very best skin and body care products, with the highest-quality ingredients.

Her boutique and products are a real reflection of her core values and social conscience. This includes a holistic approach to natural body care, using only natural, organic ingredients that are beneficial and therapeutic (no artificial colours, fragrances, chemicals, etc.).

It also means using packaging and ingredients that are sustainable, cruelty-free and local, so that she can engage with and support other local businesses, and maintain a minimal environmental footprint.

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