Are you plagued by itchy, scaly skin, eczema or psoriasis?

My teenage daughter had to visit a dermatologist once for a mysterious red, scaly patch of skin on her stomach. We were told it was a mild case of eczema and left with several tubes of steroid cream and a urea lotion.

I was surprised to learn that skin disorders like this, as well as psoriasis and dermatitis, are quite common. Luckily, my daughter's rash was minimal and easily controlled, but it got me thinking about what people with more serious cases must go through on a daily basis.

I can't imagine the discomfort, frustration and psychological effects that sufferers must endure. I also can't imagine using steroid and urea creams on a long-term basis, both of which can be risky.

Many sufferers have turned to more natural solutions. Emu oil and Sea Buckthorn oil are two of the most popular.

Emu oil has been used for centuries by the Aborigines of Australia and today is an excellent choice for eczema and psoriasis sufferers because of its anti-inflammatory and highly penetrating properties. Plant-based Sea Buckthorn oil is equally as effective on itchy, scaly skin as it is loaded with omega fatty acids, an essential component of healthy skin. Even Dr. Oz recommends this one!

Our mild, gentle soap containing these beneficial oils is the go-to product for our customers with these skin conditions. Because our soaps contain carefully selected pure ingredients, hydrating goat's milk and 100% natural fragrances, these clients have experienced relief and comfort for their itchy skin.

We have The Extraordinary Emu Bar, the Sea Buckthorn Castile Bar and the Honey Bee Fragrance-Free bars to choose from.

Thankfully, my daughter's eczema is minor, but I have her using the Sea Buckthorn Castile bar anyway. I only wish curing her of her Facebook addiction was this easy.

- Lori

Savon du Bois
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