The Acne Albatross

Fellow acne sufferers, please gather around. Join hands with me around the ceremonial fire. Let us dance and sing and celebrate. There is help. There is hope. Light a candle and rejoice.

I have fought acne for more than 25 years and it is awful - painful, unsightly and damaging. It would take several blogs just to describe the laundry list of treatments I've tried, starting with the mildest acne soap and ending with a prescription so toxic, it had side-effect warnings as long as my arm.

I used to believe that I had to burn off my zits with potent chemicals and the resulting scar was an unavoidable souvenir. None of these products cured my acne and to this day, I still get at least one blemish on my face each week.

When I began learning about natural products and remedies here at the GMSC, I hungrily devoured everything I could about acne treatments. Is this where my cure has been hiding? Unfortunately, no. There is no cure for acne, however I did discover a few things that have helped greatly.

One of those things is French Green Clay. It is also known as Illite Clay and its skin care properties are impressive. When used as a cleanser or mask, it has the ability to absorb oil and impurities from our shiny complexions, and exfoliate the dead cells. It is rich in essential minerals and enzymes which are absorbed into the skin improving circulation, as well as toning and freshening. It is also great for controlling bacteria and speeding up the healing of the pimples themselves.

Our Healing Face Bar contains French Green Clay. As an acne sufferer, I was super excited to try this soap and see what kind of results I would get. It is awesome! My skin is not as oily now and I no longer have patches of dry, stinging skin on my face; it is much more balanced. I am having fewer breakouts and if I do get a zit, it is much smaller and heals more quickly.

The lavender essential oil in this bar is an effective anti-bacterial agent and accelerates healing too. (Tip – I also use undiluted lavender e.o. directly on my blemishes for speedy healing and less scarring). Other cleansers I've used were very harsh and often caused a burning sensation on my skin. The Healing Face Bar is gentle as it does not contain any chemicals, preservatives or detergents.

If you are not an acne sufferer, you may not be able to appreciate how euphoric we feel when a product comes along that helps to ease our skin problems without having an unpleasant side-effect. Okay, so maybe I was a little over the top with the whole ceremonial fire, hand-holding thing, but give us a break! We are desperate! Every little thing that comes along with the ability to ease our burden is a big deal!

All right then. No dancing. No singing. Just put those fists in the air and give me a little “whoop whoop!!!”

- Lori

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