The Old-Fashioned Shave

Here at the Savon Du Bois, we talk a lot about simplifying things and going back-to-basics.

This is an important part of the mission of this company. Rather than looking forward to medical advances and technology, we prefer to look back to a time when simple methods, basic tools and the bounty of nature provided all the cleansing, healing and medicinal remedies that were needed for everyday life.

Before miracle drugs, $100.00 face creams and laser peels, life wasn't as complicated as it is today. We value those times and create products that pay homage to all those yesterdays.

“Shave and a haircut, two bits” is a tune that brings to mind the old-time barbershop with the red and white pole outside the door. The shaves were exquisite, with steaming hot towels, a super sharp straight razor, and a freshly shaved face as soft as a baby's.

There are many barbershops that still offer this service, but in the age of the cordless electric shaver (often used in the car on the commute to work), this kind of shave has become a luxury for which many men don't have time. Even when our guys do make time for a wet shave, it usually involves a cheap disposable razor and a can of chemical foam. It doesn't have to be that way!

There is a new trend in men's grooming these days and a proper, at-home wet shave is becoming popular again. Specialty shops are stocking high-end shaving bowls and brushes and customers don't mind spending heaps of money to get on the bandwagon. We have developed a shave bar that will change the way you shave forever and heaps of money are not required.

Our Slip and Glide Shave and Body Bar is filled with natural moisturizers like olive oil, hemp seed oil and organic cocoa butter. It has the subtle, refreshing fragrances of rosemary, cedarwood, and niaouli essential oils and the lather is creamy and smooth. The secret, though, is the bentonite clay we add to the mixture. This active mineral gives the bar superior slip to ensure a clean, close shave and fewer nicks. And ladies, we can use it too! It is wonderful on legs and underarms, leaving them soft and smooth.

To pay tribute to the old-fashioned way of doing things, we also offer our shave bar in the shape of a puck. It fits perfectly into our artisan shave mugs and can be purchased with a natural shave brush to complete the set. Your old plastic, disposable razor just isn't going to cut it anymore though

How does a triple-blade razor made of recycled yogurt cups (with replaceable blades) sound to you? Check out the folks at for the all the nifty, inexpensive options and throw out the disposable once and for all.

There is something to be said about going back-to-basics. Not only is it good for us and the environment, but I think there is something to be said about how it makes us feel too. It feels good to reduce waste, use fewer chemicals and treat our bodies to small luxuries. I think we can allow ourselves a little bit of smug satisfaction for making these smart choices, don't you?

Hey, there's nothing wrong with treating ourselves to a barbershop shave or spa leg wax every now and then. That doesn't mean our every day ablutions have to be boring. Warm up the towels, steam up the bathroom and treat yourself to a good, old-fashioned shave. Climb aboard the bandwagon with us. We saved you a seat.

- Lori

Savon du Bois
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