From the Fry Pan to Your Face - The Wonders of Olive Oil

I talk a lot in my blogs about reading the ingredient list on your skin and body products. Hopefully, you are getting into this habit and have taken the time to read what we put into our goat's milk soap bars.

Obviously, a huge percentage of what we use is the goat's milk itself, but our number one ingredient is olive oil.

The humble olive. Who knew it was so versatile and wonderful? In cooking, its health benefits are well known, but using it in skin care was a new thing that I wasn't aware of before I began my career here.

We are fortunate to have partnered with the Sarafino company ( as our local source of this important ingredient. This family business imports their award-winning olive oil from their estate in Calabria, Italy and we use their oil exclusively. Its high quality gives our soap all the great benefits that olive oil offers.

It is high in natural anti-oxidants (vitamins A and E) that help with cell repair when skin is damaged by aging, air pollution and sun exposure. It is an excellent moisturizer that works equally well on your skin, hair, lips and nails. Best of all, it is completely natural and hypoallergenic.

You could easily go to your cupboard right now, pull out your bottle of Sarafino extra-virgin olive oil and start using it in your skin care regimen as a moisturizer. When applied to damp skin, it will penetrate deeply and provide long-lasting moisture and softness.

You will receive even more of the benefits of olive oil by cleansing with our goat's milk soap.

All of our bars contain olive oil, but our Creamy Castile Bar will give you the biggest bang for your buck. It is a beautiful creamy bar with the highest amount of olive oil we could cram in to it. With peppermint and rosemary essential oils in it as well, you will also smell great.

That's a lot of goodness is such a small package, so let's pour ourselves a martini (with olives of course) and toast to the goodness of olive oil. Cheers!

- Lori

Savon du Bois
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