To Bee or Not to Bee

Honey is a miracle of mother nature. In order to make one pound, little worker bees must collect from over two million flowers and fly a distance equal to more than three times around the world. One bee, on his own, will only make one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.

Historical records show that honey has been used for centuries in skin care because it is jam-packed with healing and moisturizing superpowers. We like to put yummy ingredients like this in our goat's milk soap. Have you ever seen a bee with a bad complexion? Us neither!

If you are looking to maximize the natural nutrients and benefits in your honey, we say buy raw and organic. Raw honey is not pasteurized, leaving all the gooey goodness unaltered by heating and processing. Sometimes it is slightly opaque and may have bits in it, but that is what you want.

Don't let the word raw scare you. It is safe to eat, but be sure to keep some for skin care and medicinal purposes too. Packed with enzymes, antioxidants and antibacterial stuff, raw honey kicks germs and bacteria to the curb.

Smear honey on your eczema and psoriasis. Spoon it over your cuts, burns and bug bites. Dab it on your acne and let the honey work its magic. When honey is applied to your skin, it naturally releases hydrogen peroxide which disinfects the area, killing germs and promoting healing.

Have you ever had a jar of honey you forgot about for several months? It doesn't go bad, does it? It is naturally antiseptic and antimicrobial so bacteria won't grow in it. Those same properties are what make it so great for our skin. It is super moisturizing too. It is a natural humectant (science-speak for “it absorbs moisture from the air”) so healing skin stays moist and new tissue can grow in a happy environment. Wrinkles and dry skin benefit from honey too.

There are many, many varieties of honey. There's alfalfa, buckwheat, clover and Manuka honey (from New Zealand don't ya know) and scads of others too numerous to list. Some have stronger medicinal properties than others, but you can't go too far wrong with any of them as long as they are raw.

We are lucky to have our own honey-man, Jeff Burns, a local beekeeper, who supplies us with the honey we use in our products. It is so good that we have to put it into the soap as soon as we get it so Anne doesn't eat it all!

Our Honey-Bee Fragrance Free Bar is dripping with Jeff's honey and is a superb bar for you sensitive-skin people out there. Even if your skin is fairly normal, you'll love how soft and smooth it feels after using it. Our Lively Lemongrass Bar also contains honey and is very creamy and invigorating.

Right now, we're re-examining some of our soap recipes to see what other bars we can add honey to. We're also putting it in a new moisturizer and a therapeutic cream we are working on. And why not? Honey is so terrific, we think it would bee silly not to!

- Lori

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