Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Us

1.    We use real goat's milk in our soap, nothing powdered or reconstituted. Our goat's milk is farm fresh and unprocessed. It doesn't get any purer, and we aren't shy about how much we use in our recipes.

2.    All of our soap is made by hand.  We do not have a factory, an assembly-line or fancy machines. We roll up our sleeves and measure, mix, pour and package all of our soap and body products by hand. You get old-fashioned quality this way

3.    We buy local products whenever we can. Supporting our local community is very important to us and we source as many of our ingredients as we can from our own area. We have also partnered with many local merchants and artisans, creating an interlocking network of like-minded, supportive businesses.

4.    All-natural is not just a catch phrase we use. There are absolutely no chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives, hormones or banned ingredients in any of our products. We guarantee it.

5.    We care about the environment. We try to minimize unnecessary packaging, use recyclable glass bottles, and reuse or re-purpose boxes and containers that would ordinarily end up being thrown away. We are also careful about what we pour down the drain and we dispose of our waste products in the proper manner.

6.    Our products are tested on us, not on animals. We always have a list of family and friends ready to try out our new creations and give us feedback. We think animals should be showered with love, not chemicals.

7.    We are a family-based business. We are just like you, our customers. We have spouses, kids, busy schedules to manage and budgets to balance. We understand that the well-being of your family is number one and healthy products are important.

8.    Simplicity is one of our goals. Whenever we create a new product, we try to formulate a recipe that is as simple as possible, using the best ingredients we can find. We believe beauty and body care should be simple and natural.

9.    We support causes and businesses that share our ideals. We sell our products in eco-friendly stores and wrap our soap in Poopoopaper, a product which raises funds for the “Save Elephant Foundation” in Thailand and the “Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society”.

10.    We love to talk to you. We want to connect with and hear from our customers. Tell us what you love and what you don't or ask us a question. A real live person will answer the phone or respond to your email.

- Lori

Savon du Bois
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