How to Store your Loose Leaf Tea

How to Store your Loose Leaf Tea

You can make your loose leaf tea last longer with proper storage. Here's how to store your loose leaf tea for optimal flavour retention.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Storing tea in transparent glass jars or exposed to sunlight may result in lightening of tea. This adversely affects the appearance and flavour of tea.

Keep tea stored in an airtight container

Exposure to moisture & contaminants in the air can cause the tea to have a displeasing taste. So it is always best to keep tea in an airtight container such as a tea tin.

Avoid storing tea in warm places

Avoid keeping tea in warm places such as near the oven or bright window. The heat changes the chemical balance of the tea & affects the freshness of the tea. A cool dry place is the best spot for your tea.

Keep tea away from items with strong odour

Keeping loose tea in close proximity of items with a strong odour (such as spices, cheese or soap) may cause the tea to take on those flavours.  It is advisable to keep a container of loose tea in its own cupboard.

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