• New Artisanal Hydrosols

    Savon Du Bois' organic artisanal hydrosols provide the freshest ingredients and greatest benefits.

    Distilled in-house from the finest, locally-sourced, wildcraft ingredients, our hydrosols guarantee unrivalled freshness, quality and purity.

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  • New!

    Our most romantic bar yet...

    The flagship bar in our new luxury soap line, Midnight Liaison is a timeless classic in the making.

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  • New!

    A soap bar to remind you of lazy summer afternoons and clear skies.

    The second bar in our new luxury soap line, Summer Daydream is a scent-free soap bar with a deep richness and warm colour that is spectacular for the skin.

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  • New!

    Your next vacation comes in a soap bar.

    The third entry in our new luxury soap line, Vacation in Provence will transport you to the lavender fields of France with its fresh, vivid scents.

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  • Blog

    The best razor for shaving your legs was invented over 130 years ago.

    I think I’m safe in assuming that when it comes to leg-shaving, most of the women reading this article are long-time users of disposable razors. But is there a better option?

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  • Ethically made jewelry

    New! Razimus eco-friendly, handmade jewelry.

    We are excited to be the first and only business in Canada to carry Razimus Jewelry. These handmade works are sustainably made with organic fabrics, as well as vintage and up-cycled clothing. Get them in-store!

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We'll help you take good care of your face & body.

Our commitment is simple... to provide you with wonderful products, made by hand with love, which also help to contribute to your wellness and are beneficial to the environment.

Natural Mens Grooming Products Savon Du Bois

Homme Du Bois

Skin and hair products for men that protect and nourish.

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All Natural Handmade Soaps, Ontario

All Natural Soaps

Handcrafted bar and liquid soaps that clean and care for your skin.

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Natural Chemical Free Baby Care Products

Bébé Du Bois

Mild, chemical-free products that are ever so gentle on baby's skin.

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Natural Boy & Facial Skin Care Products

Face & Body

The all natural skin care you've been looking for.

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From Earth to Body

All-Natural Handcrafted Products You Can Trust

Every all-natural face and body product manufactured by Savon Du Bois at our Ontario boutique is formulated to be beneficial for you and the environment – guaranteed chemical-free, eco-friendly and certified cruelty-free.

Our sumptuous skin care and beauty products are locally sourced and made from only the highest-quality natural and cruelty-free ingredients. They're formulated to add a little indulgence to your daily routine, whatever your skin type or skin care needs.

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Give your skin our love.

We invite you to try these hand-crafted, all natural body and skin products that our customers near and far rave about.

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