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Organic Artisanal Hydrosols

Savon Du Bois' organic artisanal hydrosols are made with the freshest ingredients and provide the greatest benefits.

Made from the finest ingredients, our hydrosols guarantee freshness, quality and purity. They are steam-distilled in-house with a traditional Portuguese copper still, and use no additives or preservatives during the process. 

Hydrosols are a very gentle and safe form of aromatherapy. They can be used as perfumes, linen and aromatherapy sprays, facial and body mists, a toner and in making your own body products.

Size: 100ml

PETA Logo  Leaping Bunny Not Tested on Animals  Made in Canada

Available in Three Varieties

Each formulation has unique benefits. Please click on an option below for product details.

  • Rose


        Ingredients: Organic rose hydrosol

  • Lemon Balm

    Benefits: Fresh citrusy scent, stress relief, digestive aid, uplifting, soothing, sleep aid, anti-anxiety. 

    Ingredients: Organic Lemon Balm hydrosol.

  • Lavender

    Benefits: A soothing scent which relaxes and elevates the spirits; a deodorant and mild antiseptic.

    Ingredients: Organic Lavender hydrosol.

  • Cedar

    Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, pain relief, skin-smoothing, deodorizing, dative, enhances focus. 

    Ingredients: Organic Cedar Hydrosol



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