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Savon Du Bois

Face Serum | Sea Buckthorn Oil

Face Serum | Sea Buckthorn Oil

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Saturated with the incredible anti-aging benefits of sea buckthorn berries, this is a restorative and deeply hydrating facial serum formulated to be suitable for all skin types.

Dry, sensitive, aging and acne prone skin will drink in this deeply moisturizing product which is formulated with sea buckthorn oil, calendula, jojoba, avocado and olive oils. Lavender, clary sage and tea tree essential oils give the serum a pleasant, subtle fragrance and add even more healing properties.

All of the oils in our face serum are organic, pure and of the highest quality. They absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a shiny, greasy residue behind.

*Calendula-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *sweet almond oil,*avocado oil, *jojoba oil, *sea buckthorn oil, *cucumber seed oil, *pure essential oils.

*Certified organic ingredient




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