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Savon Du Bois

Reed Diffuser Oil | Vacation in Provence

Reed Diffuser Oil | Vacation in Provence

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A nostalgic memory with notes of lavender, rosemary and rose.

A gentle Vacation in Provence fragrance.

Our Reed Diffuser Blends contain 250ml of luxurious scent, which will fill any room with a special atmosphere for over to 12 weeks.


Simply add a small amount to the Apothecary Bottle, add the reeds to the bottle and enjoy. The more reeds used, the stronger the scent. Our special reeds are designed not to clog so there is no need to flip the reeds.


Eco-friendly, vegan solubilizer derived primarily from sustainable source, soya based glycerine and is designed for optimal fragrance throw. Formulate with 0% VOC content. Allergen-free.


Do not ingest.

Ne pas ingérer.

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