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Savon Du Bois

Scented Hand Sanitizer

Scented Hand Sanitizer

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A skin-softening hand sanitizer, scented with a special blend of essential oils.

Approved by Health Canada, our Hand Sanitizer will help you stay germ-free! Of course, we have lots of soap to help with all the hand washing, as well as hydrating moisturizers to heal dry skin. However, if you can't wash your hands then our Hand Sanitizer is just what you need. It has been formulated to keep hands soft and wonderfully scented.

It is currently available in 60ml, 120ml, 250ml and 1L refill sizes. As with many of our products, we encourage you to bring your bottle to the store for a refill and save on your purchase. 

80% abv


Ethyl alcohol, aloe vera juice, *lemon, *rosemary, *eucalyptus globulous and *clove essential oils. *certified organic ingredient

*Certified Organic Ingredient




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